Volunteer Jobs:

Setup:  Help get signs placed around test area.  Setup tables and breakfast area.  Setup canopies (if Needed)

Bird Planting:  Locate all 4 bird bags.  Figure out which 2 people are going to plant from the runway.  UT = Chukar, NA = Chukar.  Locate the go to bird location with test director.  Test director will tell you the number of birds to plant.

NA Gunner:  You will need chapter gun and blanks.

Gunners: I hope you know what your job is.

Items needed: Blaze, Gun Stand, Guns, Steel

Pheasant Tracking:  Help pull one set of flight feathers out of the pheasant and hold onto the bird until the judge calls for the next bird.

Item Needed: Pheasant

Puppy Water: Bring bumpers out to the puppy water.  Also make sure there are some pebbles for the judges to throw if needed.  Will also need to be around just in case the judges need a dead bird for the puppy.

Items needed: Bucket, Bumpers, dead bird

Duck Search:  Ducks will need to have one set of flight feathers pulled out.  Volunteers will need to walk into the forest to throw the duck into a good hiding spot. kayak will need to be brought down with gun and blanks

Items Needed: Kayak, Gun, Blanks, Steel shot, Duck

Duck Drag: Kill duck at beginning of test.  Duck will need a rope to hand to the judge when the duck is called for.

Items needed: Dead duck, Rope

Duck Retrieve/Heel Area: This job takes lots of setup.  The heeling course needs to be setup.  Duck blind in place and secured.  Decoys place in the water for distraction.  Winger needs to be setup and tested.

Items needed: Winger, heel stakes, blind, decoys, 2 guns, blanks, dead duck

2019 Testing  

The Northern IL Chapter of NAVHDA encourage every versatile gun dog to be NAVHDA tested, as the test results will indicate where you are in your dog's training program and serves as the foundation for improving our versatile breeds. The tests are qualitative evaluations against proven performance standards in simulated hunting conditions. Please review the Testing Information on the NAVHDA website for details about the NAVHDA Testing Program.

We welcome any/all NAVHDA members to join us in the tests that we host. We are sure you will have a pleasant experience.

Test Dates -  May 18th, 19th and September 21st, 22nd @ Richard Bong State Recreation Area
Entry Fees: Natural Ability $110.00, Utility Prep $160.00, Utility $160.00.

Lunch will be available for purchase on the test grounds for $5.

Send your completed Test Entry and check made payable to Northern Illinois NAVHDA to:

Amber Glaves 11913 254th Ave, Trevor, WI 53179   glavesa911@gmail.com

Regarding entry into the test, as always, it is a first-come, first-served basis.

Tests begin promptly at 7am. Handlers should meet in Parking Lot J at the west end of the grounds by 6:30am

A vehicle admission sticker is required on all motor vehicles entering a state park. Daily passes are also available.

If you must cancel your reservation prior to three (3) weeks from the test date you may receive a 75% refund. Cancellation after three (3) weeks from test date receives NO refund.

Volunteer to Help

Helping at a test is a great way to learn the NAVHDA testing system. No experience is needed, as you will get on the job training from experienced handlers. The knowledge you gain by helping at a test is invaluable to you and will provide a service to the club as well.

To volunteer at the next test contact Amber Glaves by e-mail or call Amber at 262-206-3159   glavesa911@yahoo.com.


Northern IL Chapter