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Our chapter, like all NAVHDA chapters, is not a dog training service. We come together each month as a group to help each other work toward the goals we have set for our dogs and for ourselves. This means we all need to be prepared to participate and lend a hand – setting up a field, planting birds, gunning, sharing experience, and learning from each other’s challenges and successes. To that end we need all of our members involvement and support in making our training days successful

Training Day Procedures:

  • Each Training Day will begin with a session of Obedience work to get handlers and dogs working together.
  • Handlers should check-in on arrival to get into the running order. (We’ll want your last name, dog’s name, and what you are training for.) Names will be placed on the white board so everyone can see the running order.
  • Handlers with multiple dogs will have their dogs spread through the running order.
  • Each handler is responsible for planting birds for the handler ahead of them in the running order. (If you’ve never planted birds before, we’ll have someone go with you to teach you how.)
  • A maximum of 4 birds per dog will be used. Three birds will be placed, one will be carried.
  • Handlers will be called 5 minutes prior to their field time. Failure to acknowledge the call will result in the handler being moved to the bottom of the running order. (This really shouldn’t happen given No. 3 above.)
  • Handlers not running in the field are required to keep their dogs crated or tied until their designated field time. (Dogs that need to be relieved should be walked on-lead to the designated area.)
  • Handler’s wishing to re-run their dogs in the field must wait until the initial running order has been completed and cleared by the training director.
  • Everyone in the field must wear blaze orange and break-open guns will be used: Safety first – always.

  • Training Days - Richard Bong State Recreation Area

    Below are the currently scheduled training days, please note that due to the use of the grounds the last three training days are on THURSDAYS. During the peak of the season we do offer weekly training days for those wishing to improve. Please contact Jerry Smith if you are interested in training during the week.

    Custom Google Map - Training locations for Richard Bong State Recreation Area

    Saturday, March 21st, 2015 - Start Time: 7:30 am

    Saturday, April 25th, 2015 - Start Time: 7:30 am

    Saturday, May 23rd 2015 - Start Time: 7:30 am

    Saturday, June 20th 2015 - Start Time: 7:30 am

    Thursday, July 23rd 2015 - Start Time: 5:00 pm

    Thursday, August 20th 2015 - Start Time: 5:00 pm

    Thursday, September 17th 2015 - Start Time: 5:00 pm

    Important Information

    The State of Wisconsin requires all handlers training a dog with captive game to have in their possession a Dog Training License make sure you have yours.

    You may apply in person at the Ranger Station at Richard Bong State Recreational Area don’t forget to ask for a Runway Permit.

    Download the WI Dog Training and Trial Regulations(PUB-WM-44 2007) here.

    Download the Dog Training Application here.

    Download a Partial List of State of WI Training Grounds here.

    Bird orders are final!

    Training at Richard Bong State Recreation Area - bird contact will be Dale Nemitz order by email or call (920) 699-3326. Bird orders must be submitted no later than the Wednesday preceeding the training day, by 5pm. Bird contact is for training days at Richard Bong State Recreation Area ONLY.

    Northern Illinois NAVHDA Chapter conducts monthly training sessions March-September at Richard Bong State Recreation Area ("Bong") in Kansasville, Wisconsin. Usually these sessions are organized around a theme, such as steadiness or the trained retrieve. Of course, you are also free to work on whatever skills that you or your dog need to develop.

    The chapter has many experienced dog trainers, who will be happy to make their expertise available to you. Additionally, there will be training aids & equipment available for you use at these sessions. Some of this equipment is the property of individual club members, so please treat it accordingly.

    The chapter can provide birds for training. We charge only our costs for the birds. We ask that you call the Game Steward (see above) and reserve the number & type of birds you will need. You must contact the Game Steward, the chapter will not keep "birds on hand" for you to purchase. You will be accountable for the type & number of birds reserved. Northern Illinois NAVHDA does not refund unused birds.

    We ask that you take possession of your birds and pay for them as soon as you arrive. After you take possession of your birds, they are your responsibility.

    Training Day Locations/Directions

    Richard Bong State Recreation Area is 8 miles southeast of Burlington, Wisconsin, on State Highway 142. The entrance is a little less than a mile west of State Highway 75. It’s about 47 miles from Milwaukee, 71 miles from Chicago, and 362 miles from Minneapolis.

    Richard Bong State Recreation Area, 26313 Burlington Road, Kansasville, IL 53139, (262) 878-5600.

    Seneca Hunt Club. The Northern IL chapter will not be sponsoring any training days at Seneca Hunt Club. If you would like to train there the Illinois Chapter holds training days there on occasion. They welcome our members to train with them. www.IllinoisNAVHDA.org

    Training Birds

    Need to purchase birds for training? Go to North American Gamebird Association - www.mynaga.org

    Become A Member

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    Membership Information

    Information on NAVHDA's purpose, chapter membership benefits, training days, training day guidelines, training suplies, training locations (and maps), testing, emergecy info & lodging, by-laws. Download the PDF here!

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